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The Chief Project x Jurlique

【The Chief Project x Jurlique 支持以手巾代替紙巾的綠色生活習慣】

(Below for English)



上星期記者會當日,Jurlique邀請了過百位本地傳媒朋友、美容界Bloggers及KOLs、商界合作伙伴等參與,大會更預留時間讓我們與在場來賓簡介The Chief Project的理念,也讓香港婦女勞工協會的裁縫叔叔--琛哥到場為大家示範車手巾(姨姨們都要湊小朋友,所以未能參與示範),讓大家知道雖然只是車四條邊,但卻是確有難度及竅妙的心機之作。

限量版花水會於5月初在各分店有售,屆時每買一枝,Jurlique就會送出一條The Chief Project的手巾仔給客人。希望得到手巾的客人,都會嘗試以手巾代替紙巾,由當刻開始建立綠色生活習慣。

[The Chief Project x Jurlique - support green living habit by using handkerchief instead of tissues]

We are very happy to be invited by Jurlique as their collaborative partner for their annual limited edition Rose Water Balancing Mist Intense. Our handkerchiefs will be served as a gift to every customer who buys the rose water, in order to spread our words on using handkerchiefs to replace tissues.

Jurlique has been very kind and promised to cope with all limitations on our products, including no tailor-made patterns, choose from what we have on hand, minimal product packaging and no plastic bags at all. The store-wide promotion will be the promotion with the widest coverage since we started up. We are very thankful for such a big support!

Over a hundred of local media, cosmetic bloggers and KOLs, business partners were invited to the press conference last week. The brand even provided us with precious moments to share our mission to everyone in the event. Sam Gor, the tailor from Hong Kong Women Workers' Association, was in the event to demonstrate how to produce a handkerchief. It may seem very simple for sewing 4 edges by using sewing machine, however, it is the workers' skills and tricks to make it perfect.

The limited edition rose water will be available in every Jurlique's store starting from early May. A handkerchief will be given away as a free gift to every customer who buys one rose water. We hope whoever receive the handkerchief would consider to kick off their green living habit by that moment and onward.

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