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Agnes Pang

A simple woman does simple things

I believe we can make things happened if everybody takes a step forward.  I started to change my daily habits in order to be more environmental conscious since few years ago.  It is not as difficult as you imagine.  For example, I started to shift using electricity fan from air-conditioner from 25°C and now I can even stand for 30°C with an electricity fan at home.  I started to do garbage classification at home and it is now my daily habits that I would feel “itchy” if I don’t do so (Hahaha!).  I started to stop ordering too much food when dining out and always take away the leftover by using a reusable lunch box or a beeswax wrap.  I always take a thermo bottle with me so that I don’t need to buy any bottled drinks when I feel thirsty.  I also started to buy what I need instead of what I want (Ok and yes, I am still sometimes being tempted…).  I even try to influence my families and friends to live a more eco-conscious life together!  I am trying my best to change my daily habits bit by bit and still have much room to go!  The world and our habits will not turn around in one single day but we can make changes happened day by day.  If I can, you can!  Let's work something out together!

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