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【我哋 2 歲大喇!We are in Terrific 2! 】


We were found on July 1, 2016 and we are now in our Terrific 2! What we depend on to keep growing and running is your precious supports in these 2 years! We truly appreciate A LOT!


So, what have we done in these 2 years?

🎉 2016年初,兩次🚛街頭派布(雖然當時 The Chief Project 未成立,不過我哋係因為呢次街頭派布先有機會成立㗎咋!)

We started giving away nice quality fabric for free to general public in the beginning of 2016. (Although The Chief Project had not been established yet, that was the trigger point of our birth!)

🎉 2016年8月份開始,俾傳媒📰發現咗我哋嘅存在,於是我哋就開始出現喺唔同嘅採訪報導🎤🖌裡面喇!

Suddenly some local media discovered our existence in August 2016 and so, we started have our story appeared in different media by then!

🎉 2016/17,出席不同大小巿集🎪,唔理做唔做到生意都捉住行過我哋檔攤嘅巿民🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️介紹番 💁‍♀️💁‍♂️我哋做緊乜?因乜事要咁做?

To sustain and let more people know what we are doing, we began to join in weekend markets in 2016/17 and grabbed every single chance to talk to passer-by who came across our booth!

🎉 2017年1月份,我哋開始有🛒寄賣點!而且由當時嘅 4️⃣️個寄賣點,已經發展到依家嘅9️⃣個喇!仲陸續有嚟呀!

In January 2017, we had our first consignment spot! At the very beginning, our products were being sold in 4 spots and now you could find our products being sold in 9 spots around the city! And many are coming!

🎉 2017年3月份開始,被邀請到不同企業、中小學及團體中,分享👩‍🏫✅環球時裝工業對地球嘅負面影響 + ✅ 綠色生活習慣,到依家都應該講咗🎤🎤20幾場!嚟聽嘅朋友,粗略估計冇1,000都有800人,仲要中英文人都有!

It is our big pleasure that corporations, schools and many entities started invited us to share the topic on how fashion industry contributing disastraous impact to our planet and our ways to live green since March 2017 until now. Think we have already encountered almost 1,000 audiences in both cantonese and english speaking.

🎉 2017年8月再救😓16噸布,並與綠在觀塘合作安排👚👖👔👗👕👠👞時裝工業分享、免費送布及蜂蠟🐝保鮮布工作坊。

We saved another 16 tons of nice quality fabric in August 2017. By then we started working with Community Green Station Kwun Tong to launch fashion waste talk, fabric give away sessions and Bees Wax Wrap Workshop for the general public to join.

🎉 2017年8月🍀,獲 Jurlique 邀請合作,我哋嘅手巾仔成為佢哋該年限量版🌹玫瑰花水嘅贈品🎁,我哋仲可以喺佢哋個記招度介紹自己嘅理念𠻹!

This is our great pleasure to receive invitation from Jurlique that they would love to adopt our handkerchief as premium for their limited edition rose water promotion. We were even given chance to introduce ourselves in their product launch press conference!

🎉 2017年11月,向基督教家庭服務中心提出建議,💁‍♀️合辦香港首個「無紙巾日」,開完第一次會,就立即💪開始籌備工作。

With the idea of "No Tissue Day" in mind since we found The Chief Project, we finally talked to CFSC about our idea and invited them to co-organize this campaign in November 2017.

🎉 2018年2月左右(好似係),推出🐝蜂蠟保鮮布,同時更開始同 喜居生活 Lively Life 合作舉辦🐝蜂蠟保鮮布工作坊,直至現時為止,反應仍然熱烈👏!而同一時間,亦得到其他團體邀請合辦呢個工作坊,聽講報名通告一出,都即時爆滿。

Around February 2018, we launched Bees Wax Wrap. Meanwhile, we worked with Lively Life to launch Bees Wax Wrap Workshop until now. It is to our surprise that the response to the workshop is over-whelming! And we were also invited by other entities to conduct workshops to their members.

🎉 2018年3月,我哋開始有個 part-time 仔仔幫手處理網上訂單同📸產品影相喇!所以大家係咪覺得我哋個 website 🌐啲嘢靚仔晒呢!

Starting from March 2018, The Chief Project has hired a part-time staff to manage all the online sales operations! Now you could see nicer photos in our website when we shop around!

🎉 2018年4月26日,燈燈燈櫈🎉🎉🎉!就係我哋嘅「無紙巾日」喇!第一次搞件咁趕客🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♂️嘅事,但係又真係有人支持🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️,真係「🎼🎶🎶 我心感興奮!💃🏼🕺🏼」嗱,想回顧或者欲知詳情去 No Tissue Day 度睇吓啦。

Hey! No Tissue Day comes true on April 26, 2018 finally! This campaign might be a hassle to some people but also a good idea to adop to many others out there!

🎉 2018年5月開始,我哋多咗另外2️⃣組車衣隊幫手,而且我哋仲繼續發展👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👨‍👧‍👧👨‍👨‍👦‍👦緊更多車衣隊,希望可以將我哋呢個做生意嘅模式發展去香港其他社區。

We have developed 2 more sewing teams starting by May 2018. We wish our business and operation model could be extended and accepted by communities in different areas of HK in future!

🎉 2018年6月,得到 Melvita 邀請合作,我哋嘅手巾成為佢哋限量禮盒🎁嘅贈品,而且更得到佢哋將我哋個故仔同手巾,帶去🇨🇵️法國總部介紹俾全世界🗺分部及總部嘅同事知道,香港仍然有香港製造同埋香港人嘅環保理念𠻹!

It did surprise us when we received collaboration invitation from Melvita in June 2018. They are using our handkerchief as one of the free gifts in the limited edition gift set in this summer. What's more is they shared our story with the HQ in France and other regional offices to let them know we still have "Made in HK" and our ways in protecting the planet.

🎉 2018年6/7月,我哋更嘗試拓展海外巿場🌍𠻹呀!聽落好似好勁咁呀呵?之但係,暫時係未成功🙅‍♀️🤦‍♀️傾得成任何合作嘅!不過,起碼我哋行出咗第一步!成功在望😎㗎喇!你哋等聽我哋好消息啦!我哋會努力😠💪🏼㗎!

And WOW! Even ourselves could not believe in what we are trying to achieve - developing overseas markets! Well..... we have to admit that we don't have any successful deal closed at the moment! BUT, we would work hard for it! Wait for our updates!


We might not able to recap every single step that we have gone through in these 2 years. But we do remember and keep appreciating that your great support as our food to keep our perseverance sustains!


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