Locally produced by fabric sample bought back from global fashion brands and beewax from the USA. This product is 100% biodegradable and could help to reduce waste in different aspect in life. Use it to buy bakery, fruits, vegetable, or other produces like beans, nuts, rice, salt, sugar, etc.


Material: 100% Cotton

Size: ~6.4" (h) x 10" (w) with 1.7" (lid)


(Price does not include background and decorative items.)

Solid Navy - Beewax Bag

  • Care Instructions

    - hand wash with cold water

    - wipe it with detergent by hands and rinse it with cold water

    - hang to dry

    - do not put it into washing machine or dish washer

    - do not wash it by sponge or brush

    - do not rub it

    - do not use it on hot food

    - do not put it in the microwave or oven

    - do not reheat food with the Beewax Bag / Wrap


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